Brazil Santos

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Named after the port from which the vast majority of coffee from Brazil is shipped from. The São Paulo region has weather good enough for the coffee cherries to be processed naturally using the ‘dry’ process (that is letting the cherries dry naturally in the sun). 

Full-bodied and mild, Santos beans are dried inside their coffee cherries and carry that sweetness into the cup. Sugars from the drying cherry also impart more soluble solids to the Santos bean which amplify its body.

Very smooth, mellow with low acidity and a slight earthiness, characteristic of dry-processed coffees. Santos is naturally sweet and displays chocolate undertones at medium to dark roast levels.  A medium to good body.

Santos cherries are naturally processed allowing sugars and oils from the fruit to penetrate into the bean. This gives a smooth, mellow liquor with low acidity, naturally sweet and displaying chocolate undertones. A medium to good body. Light to medium roast.