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Hello and welcome to the Gordon St Coffee blog

What is coffee and where is it from?

Hello and welcome to the blog of Gordon Street Coffee!

Here we’ll be talking about all things coffee, such as: the history and geography of coffee, how it is grown, why it’s good for you and info about all the different styles of drinking your coffee. We’ll help you to delve deeper into the coffee cup and find out more about your favourite drink (well, it is right?!).

Let’s jump in with what is coffee?  

Coffee comes from trees which grow in a region of the world called “the coffee belt”.  This is an area between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South.  Reaching from Columbia and Brazil to Yemen and Vietnam.   The conditions in this region are perfect for coffee to grow. Depending on the coffee bean (more on that in a later post), this region provides the coffee trees with a constant temperature, no frost and about 60 inches of rain per year.  Leading to productive coffee trees.

The trees are covered in waxy green leaves with the coffee cherries growing along the branches of the tree.  It takes around 5 years for a coffee tree to reach full coffee production, however once mature, the tree can live for around 100 years each year producing around 2 pounds of green beans.

Although coffee is referred to as a bean, did you know that it is actually a fruit?  This piece of fruit is known as a coffee cherry.  They look like beans, hence why we all call them this.  These cherries are picked by hand with the seed separated from the fruit.  There are different ways to do this, from letting the fruit dry first and then removing the seed to removing the seed right away.  Choosing the time to remove the seed from the cherry changes the taste of the finished coffee.  After the seeds are removed – this unroasted coffee is called “green coffee”.

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