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how well do you know coffee

Think you’re a coffee fan?

Think you’re a coffee fan?

How many of these coffee facts, coffee tips and coffee benefits do you know?

Our team are often asked random questions about coffee, some that even we don’t know! But, we have done the research and now present to you ten facts that you may not know about our (and hopefully your) favourite beverage!

The first natural Energy Bar

The coffee plant has its origins in Ethiopia and Yemen, and when coffee was first used in Ethiopia it was eaten rather than turned into a drink, so the world’s first known pick-me-up was probably made by the nomadic tribes of Ethiopia. They would mix ground coffee beans with ghee (clarified butter) or animal fat, rolling them into little balls, which they would consume when they needed an energy kick!

Yemen gave us many coffee words

Yemenis popularised coffee in liquid form, making a hot drink they called ‘qahwa’, where the word ‘coffee’ comes from. Being an Arabic coffee, this is also where we get the name for ‘Arabica’ coffee beans. From here, coffee was transported to Europe from the port of Mocha. The beans were said to have a chocolatey taste, which is where we get the name for that drink from!

It doesn’t dehydrate you

Coffee hydrates you just as well as water. If you are a regular coffee drinker your body gets used to the diuretic effects which means you won’t get dehydrated. It’s tastier than water too!

Coffee inspired a programming language

Coffee helps people work, and it’s good to think over a problem with a cup of Java, which is probably why the Oak programming language was renamed ‘Java’ in the mid-nineties, after the coffee which comes from the island in Indonesia! They even use a steaming cup of coffee for the Java icon!

Caffeine enemas

Did you know caffeine enemas were a thing?  Popular in the 1930’s, they are said to detoxify the liver and stimulate metabolism but I think I’ll stick to drinking it!

There is a right time to drink coffee

According to scientific research, the best time to drink coffee is when cortisone levels are low.  Time your coffee breaks to between 9:30 –  11.30 am and 1:30 – 5:00 pm and you’ll benefit from the boost the most.

Get more bang for your buck with coffee

And if you do need a boost, simply have a coffee instead of an energy drink.  Coffee tends to have more caffeine per serving than an energy drink.  You also won’t get the sugar and artificial ingredients.

Coffee houses were once banned

Coffee houses were banned in England in 1675 as the King of England thought that coffee houses were places for conspirators to meet.

Animals love coffee too!

The world’s most expensive coffee is often cited as ‘Kopi luwak’, which is coffee that has, er, passed through a civet, a cat-like animal found mainly in Indonesia. The cat eats the coffee cherries, the fruit that contains the bean, which is then partially digested and picks up “flavours” along the way! The beans are then harvested from their dung, which is said to impart a smooth and caramel-like taste!  Bags of civet coffee typically cost £30+ but there are concerns about the welfare of the animals as some farms cage and force-feed the civets poor quality coffee cherries! But it’s not just civets who love munching on coffee cherries, elephants and monkeys are big fans too, and yes, you can get elephant dung and monkey dung coffee too so if you really wanted to try coffee that has been in an animals’ digestive system you have a choice! But I think I’ll pass.

The grind of the coffee matters

Want a bigger caffeine hit, then use a “burr” instead of “blade” grinder.  The rougher grind will mean that there are more tiny surfaces on each grain of coffee and more caffeine coming out of each bean into your cup.


So there you have it – ten awesome coffee facts that you’ve always wanted to know, which may come in handy at that next pub quiz, Mastermind or maybe just when you want to show off to your friends!

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