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Save money and the environment at the same time!

Save money and the environment at the same time!

We all love grabbing a coffee, in the morning, from our favourite café to set us up for the day, but did you know that most throw away coffee cups aren’t actually recyclable or biodegradable / compostable? That’s why we are asking other cafés to sign up as ‘Cup Conscious’ to make a commitment to fill reusable cups brought in by customers.

Gordon Street Coffee is currently the only ‘Cup Conscious’ café in Glasgow but we hope that we can spur others to join the cause, but it’s not just cafés as other businesses can sign up as well!

Started in the Australian island of Tasmania, ‘Cup Conscious’ cafés and businesses are mainly found at the other side of the world but the movement is spreading, in fact there are already some members in Edinburgh so this is now a global initiative.

Here are some staggering figures that we are committed to reduce:

  • 58 billion paper cups are thrown away globally each year
  • 32 million trees are cut down to produce paper cups
  • It takes 100 billion litres of water it takes to produce paper cups
  • 500,000 cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by paper cups

We can help decrease the amount of wastage by offering all our customers reusable Keep Cups. These come in 2 colours and 2 sizes at the following prices:

Black: 8oz £10; 12oz £12
Clear:  8oz £12; 12oz £14

They are available right now to order on our website and for each Keep cup purchased, we will make sure that the cup is filled up with coffee for free!

Anyone bringing their Keep Cup back to Gordon Street will receive 50p off their regular coffee. Isn’t that an incentive worth promoting?

For further details or to sign up your own business see here:

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