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Amazing cold coffee and tea for drinking all summer

Amazing cold coffee and tea for drinking all summer

Temperatures are slowly rising and we’ve had a few nice days so it looks like summer may now be on its way, just maybe…That means it’s time to think about how coffee (and tea) drinkers can keep cool in the warmer weather, fingers crossed.

Stay hydrated and keep your taste buds refreshed with these drinks suggestions.

Iced Coffee

The basic and always a good go-to on a hot day.  Get your favourite espresso and serve it over some ice with some milk and maybe a splash of syrup to add an extra bit of taste.  Quick and simple.

Cold Brew Coffee

This isn’t the same as iced coffee.  This is simply coffee which has been brewed cold to begin with.  The coffee grounds are steeped in water to produce a concentrated coffee.  The mixture is then diluted to taste and chilled.

Try a Nitro Coffee – coming soon

Nitro cold brew coffee, also known as “NCB”, is a cold brewed coffee which has been charged with nitrogen.  Don’t panic though, the nitrogen gives the coffee a rich and creamy head so think of NCB as a coffee-like Guinness!  The smaller nitrogen bubbles give the cold coffee a smooth and sweet flavour which is easier on the stomach as well. Nitro cold brew coffee can be bought either in the can, ready for you to pour yourself, or from a keg which is pressurised and served from a tap just like a pint of Guinness!

Iced Latte

Simple and tasty.  An iced latte is made by making an espresso and pouring it over chilled milk.  Mix the two together and then add ice cubes for a creamy and cool drink.

Iced Tea

Here at Gordon Street Coffee we make our own iced tea using loose leaf iced tea infusions.  A refreshing way to have a cuppa with the tea already made and chilled for you ready to drink straight out of the fridge.

Which one is your favourite to sip on a hot day?


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