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Fully compostible cups at Gordon Street Coffee

Fully compostible cups at Gordon Street Coffee

Big news at Gordon Street Coffee,  we have changed over to compostable cups as well as having compostable lids and  bags.  Our new cups are thicker too, which means no more cardboard sleeves – which means less waste!

Our new coffee cups are made from plants. Not only is that better to start with, when you recycle your coffee cup it takes just 12 weeks for the cup to fully recycle back to Earth.  The cups quickly recycle to compost which can be used to improve soil conditions,  reduce our carbon footprint and can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

By using compostable products the waste going to landfill can be reduced and the recycled items can be turned into new products or help reduce carbon emissions.

Vegware is our  manufacturer and are a global specialist in compostable food service packaging. We are delighted to be using their plant-based catering disposables  which are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials, and can all be composted with food waste where accepted viagra nz over the counter. We’re moving forward at Gordon St and looking to do our bit for the environment so check out this wee video Click here

The team at Gordon St are really passionate about the environment so we will be looking at ways to work with our customers and suppliers to make an impact and do our bit.

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