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Valentine's Day at GSC

Love is in the air....Do not breathe!

Celebrate Valentine's Day at GSC. Buy online or shop in store for our latest blends! Want to know what to do for Valentine's Day? Keep reading to find out...

Love is in the air….do not breathe!

Well, the holiday season is well and truly over! You know this because all of a sudden a bombardment of heart shaped chocolates and red roses are flooding he streets of Glasgow City Centre. Is it just me or does Valentine’s Day fill you with dread too? There’s so much pressure to impress! We’re going to take that pressure right off with a hot cup of coffee…or 10.

However, in the spirit of all things Valentine’s Day we have created two special roasts to be sold in store from the 6th of February until sold out.

If you’re feeling salty then our “Going Solo Roast” is for you. This blend has a good body, honey and toffee undertones with apricot notes and a chocolate finish.

Feeling sweet? Then why not indulge in our “Everything I brew, I brew it for you” roast? A bright and intense body,  finishing with notes of chocolate, berries and floral aromas combined with juicy peach and cherry.

…Or just get both because at £5.50 a bag you’d be crazy not to!

All jokes aside, there are plenty of things going on in Glasgow for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few of our favourites that may tickle your fancy!


Why not go for a meal at Alston Bar and Beef?

Located directly below Gordon Street Coffee at Glasgow Central Station. Alston offers amazing steaks and has a vast selection of gin just waiting to be tasted!

Why not finish your meal with a Cappuccini? An Alston Bar & Beef signature cocktail using our very own Gordon St Coffee beans!

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 Not into a sit down meal?

Why not scare yourself silly with the Valentine’s Day Massacre held at Blackfriars on Bell Street? An immersive experience for only £27 for two tickets.

Bring a lover, bring a friend, it doesn’t matter you’ll be so consumed by the performance you may not even realise that you didn’t come alone!



What screams anti Valentine’s Day like a pint and a pizza?

Head down to the Shilling Brewing Co. on West George Street for a delicious rustic pizza and a pint and you won’t be disappointed!

Beer made from locally sourced produce and brewed on site – you can’t go wrong!

Open until midnight on Feb 14th.




Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, we hope you enjoy a little bit of Gordon Street Coffee! Be it at home, in store or online we are always happy to help satisfy your coffee cravings! Because after all

“coffee beans are green, we roast them brown,

at least my coffee, has never let me down.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from the GSC team, we may be sarcastic but we sure do love our customers!

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