Benefits to small batch coffee roasting

We are often asked why we shop roast in small, 5kg batches, so here are a few of the reasons why...

1: Quality control: Roasting small batches allows the roaster to have greater control over the final product, as they can make adjustments to the roast on a batch-by-batch basis. This can result in a more consistent and higher quality final product at Gordon St Coffee.

2: Customisation: Small batch roasting allows for greater customisation of the roast profile. This can be particularly useful for specialty coffee roasters who want to create unique and distinct flavor profiles for their coffee.

3: Experimentation: Small batch roasting allows for more flexibility and room for experimentation. It is easier to try out different roast profiles and make adjustments without committing to a large batch.

4: Sustainability: Small batch roasting can be more sustainable as it reduces waste. If a batch doesn't turn out as desired, it is easier to dispose of a small batch rather than a larger one. But this never happens at GSC 😁

5: Freshness: Small batch roasting ensures that the coffee is fresh, as it is roasted in smaller quantities and is likely to be consumed more quickly. This can result in a better overall flavor and aroma.


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