Fresh Coffee is best!

When you buy coffee from a supermarket, it’s often roasted about a year ago and harvested long before that so fresh coffee is significantly better because it hasn't oxidized, similar to red wine.

Generally, the fresher the coffee, the better the flavour. At Gordon St, we recommend letting your beans rest for 3 to 5 days after roasting. This allows excess CO2 to escape, leaving behind the richest and freshest flavours so you'll notice we write the roast date on each bag.

However, after six weeks, that freshness can diminish and you’ll also struggle to get a lovely crema to form.

Many big chains are guilty of using coffee that was roasted up to a year ago. We won’t name names, but we believe coffee lovers, our customers, and the coffee itself deserve better. Freshly roasted coffee not only tastes superior but also provides a more enjoyable and aromatic experience. At Gordon St, we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest coffee possible to ensure the best taste and quality in every cup.

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