Happy 2021 from the team at GSC

Well, we can't say we're sad to see the back 2020 but we always look on the bright side and 2021 will be amazing so Happy New Year everyone! 😁
We were doing a little research to find out what was going on in 2021 so if your a sports fan there is plenty happening (assuming it all goes ahead, but as we said we always look on the bright side). 
The Six Nations Rugby starts next month, the British & Irish Lions are touring South Africa but are due to play Japan at Murrayfield in June. For the football fans amongst you, the Euros take place this summer (Scotland qualified in case you didn't know???) with a number of matches being played at Hampden and Wembley while later in the year you can watch the Olympics and Paralympics as well as the Ryder Cup.
AND and... there are a load of gigs scheduled, Valentines and Mothers Day aren't too far away so there's lots to look forward to.
In the meantime, January can be dour and dreich so to help get you by we have a wee coffee offer for you.
January Blues Bundle
We've got a new year offer to help you caffeinate your way through those January blues with our award winning blends.
For £25 you will get 250g bags of our Glasgow and Edinburgh Roasts, the Gordon St House Blend and our popular Black Forest Roast
You can find our full range of coffee on the site however if you think the January Blues bundle will get you through the start of 2021 just shop here.
Have an amazing 2021, drinks lot of coffee and once all these restrictions are lifted please drop by our shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, meet the team and maybe treat yourself to a little pastry while your at it!

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