Introducing Our Italian Rich Roast

Gordon Street Coffee Italian Rich Roast

Our Master Coffee Roasters and our beloved Diedrich IR5, 5kg roaster 'Deidre' have been hard at work here at Gordon Street Coffee perfecting our new and very exciting – Italian Rich Roast.

Before we go any further, did you know that every variety of coffee available at Gordon Street Coffee is roasted using the traditional methods of sight and sound? Why? By doing so, we can ensure the perfect small batch brew every time. If you are local to either of our stores (or perhaps visiting Glasgow and/or Edinburgh), we urge you to pop in and watch Deidre in action!

Gordon Street Coffee Italian Rich Roast

Our brand-new Italian Rich Roast features a high percentage of Robusta beans and possesses a significant caffeine content, as such this is one of our darkest roasts available. Our new blend boasts an intense and bold flavour profile which is sure to impress every Gordon Street Coffee enthusiast.

The hallmark of Gordon Street Coffee, Italian Rich Roast is its bold flavour profile. This roast level is known for its pronounced bitterness and smokiness, accompanied by a low acidity. The extended roasting time causes the inherent flavours of the coffee bean to caramelise, producing deep, rich chocolatey undertones. This is beautifully complimented with hints of sweet yet refined Brown Sugar and slightly sour yet salty Liquorice. Our Italian Rich Roast coffee often boasts not only an indulgent flavour profile but a heavy body and a velvety mouthfeel that coats the palate with every sip.

Gordon Street Coffee Italian Rich Roast

Fun fact: Italian roast coffee in general, finds its origins in Italy's passionate coffee culture, where coffee is not just a beverage but a way of life. Italy has a rich history of coffee consumption, dating back to the 16th century where Coffee shops, or "cafés", became social hubs in which people gathered to discuss politics, literature, and culture – not too dissimilar to how we treat our coffee breaks today. Over time, Italians developed a taste for the dark and robust flavours that define Italian roast coffee including our very own Italian Rich Roast.

Whether enjoyed as an espresso, a Moka pot brew, or in other forms, we know you will savour the luxurious flavour of Gordon Street Italian Rich Roast and enjoy the small piece of comfort, energy, and perhaps even a moment or two of reflection that a cup of our freshly ground coffee can bring to your day.

Try our brand new Italian Rich Roast for yourself.


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