Light, medium or dark roasts... whats the difference?

We have a number of coffees available in Gordon St Coffee and we're often asked by customers instore and online the difference between light, medium and dark roasts so we hope you'll find the following useful 😉


Light roasts - yellow labels

Our light roasts are dropped out Dierdre a little early, just hitting first crack. Roasting lighter helps to highlight the natural characteristics and favour notes of the coffee. Expect light and fruity coffee with higher acidity levels.

Great for a pour over brew! Ideally consumed black, these roasts don’t mix as well with dairy/ milk alternatives.


Medium roasts - teal labels

This is the coffee we specialise in! Roasted just long enough for the sugars to caramelise and all of the beautiful caramel and milk chocolate notes to emerge but without any hints of bitter. Roasted just beyond first crack.

Full bodied but smooth, lower acidity. Tastes just as good with dairy/ milk alternatives as it does black.


Dark roasts - red labels

Our darker roasts are taken just up to second crack. This extra cooking time deeply caramelises the sugars inside the beans and creates deep, dark flavours such as dark chocolate and molasses, usually with very low acidity.

Good for espresso and taste great with dairy/ milk alternatives!

So what ever your taste we'll have the right coffee for you but don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll always do our best to answer your questions.

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