Veganuary at Gordon St Coffee

We are now well into our New Year!

For many, January taking part in the ever popular ‘Veganuary’ challenge. This challenge hopes to motivate people to try out Veganism for the entire month of January.
Did you know Glasgow is the vegan capital of Europe? It’s no surprise to us given how popular our plant based options are. We understand the importance of promoting alternative and sustainable options. Because of this, for the month of January have been offering Oatly Barista mylk with your coffee for no extra charge. We’ve noticed it’s been an good opportunity for regular dairy drinkers to give it a bash and it’s been interesting to hear the positive feedback! 

Not only this, with every dairy-free drink ordered we’re offering 10% off vegan food, too!
We have a pretty wide variety of vegan options in store. In fact, our entire collection of cakes from Sweet Nothings Glasgow are plant based and enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike all year round. We’ve also recently adapted our granola pots recipe to a delicious vegan alternative as well as releasing two new vegan toasties. 

Moving forward, we continue to do our best to avoid single use packaging So, we’ve been working on designing our own re-usable tote bag! Finally available in both our Glasgow & Edinburgh locations, you can pick one up for £8. These tote bags are a great alternative to carrier bags as they are easy to compact handily, sturdy, and might we say, incredibly stylish. 

We’re also happy to see so many customers switch to one of our re-usable KeepCups. Approximately 2,700,00 coffee cups are tossed every day and so a KeepCup offers an ideal solution; lightweight, unbreakable and easy to clean – keep cups divert millions of disposable keep cups every day and with a Gordon St Coffee keep cup you’ll get 50p off every time you use it in one of our stores.

 You can order your Gordon St Coffee Keep Cup from our website  or grab one in store and the first coffee is on the house.

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