Why does GSC roast coffee manually by sight and sound?

When we first opened we wanted to do things a little differently and roast coffee that we could be proud of so we decided that we wouldn't go down the automated route like so many roasteries and go old school.

Manually roasting coffee by sight and sound has several benefits compared to automated roasting methods. One of the main benefits is that it allows the roaster to have more control over the process. By visually observing the colour of the beans and listening to the sound they make as they roast, the roaster can make adjustments to the temperature and time to ensure that the beans are roasted to perfection. This is particularly important when roasting specialty coffee, which requires a higher level of precision to bring out its unique flavours and aromas.

Another benefit of manually roasting coffee is that it allows the roaster to develop a deeper understanding of the roasting process and the factors that affect the final product. This knowledge can be used to create custom roast profiles and experiment with different roasting techniques to achieve a desired flavour profile.

Finally, manually roasting coffee can also be more environmentally friendly than automated roasting methods, as it requires less energy and generates fewer emissions. This makes it a more sustainable option for coffee roasters who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

So next time you're in Gordon St Coffee, come say hello to our roaster and they will be more than happy to chat you through how they go about roasting traditionally by sight and sound.

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