Cakes and Coffee - the perfect recipe

Now, you might be wondering, "What's with the construction chaos outside Gordon Street Coffee?"

Fear not, dear coffee lover, for we've got the scoop! Our beloved Gordon Street Coffee, Glasgow premises is undergoing a little sprucing up, a caffeine-fuelled makeover if you will.

The builders might be working hard on the outside, but inside it's business as usual; yes it's still very much all about the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee beans and the warmth of community that makes Gordon Street a home away from home.

So, what's the secret to keeping the coffee spirit alive amidst the clattering of scaffolding? It's all about embracing the adventure! Step over the construction hurdles like a coffee connoisseur ninja and reward yourself with a treat our two (we have brand new cakes and snacks in store that you really must try!).

Our baristas, the unsung heroes of this caffeinated journey, are serving up your favourite brews with the same infectious smiles, even if the backdrop is a bit more industrial than usual. The hum of our coffee machines, the hiss of steam, and the chatter of fellow coffee enthusiasts drown out the external sounds – Gordon Street Coffee Glasgow remains an oasis of calm amid the construction storm.

Gordon St Coffee

Picture this: You, nestled in your favourite corner of Gordon Street Coffee, sipping on a cup of something warm and delicious, maybe accompanied by a sweet treat or two...does life get better than that?

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