The Glasgow Roast - a coffee that mirrors the vibrant and diverse spirit of Glasgow

Picture this: a coffee blend that mirrors the vibrant and diverse spirit of Glasgow. The Glasgow Roast brings together beans from four corners of the globe to create a symphony of flavours that will tantalize your taste.

Glasgow Roast Coffee

Now, you might be wondering, why the Glasgow Roast? Well, it's more than just coffee; it's a celebration of the bold and bright characteristics that define Glasgow and its incredible people. Much like the city itself, this blend is unapologetically robust and radiates a warmth that resonates with the welcoming spirit of the Glaswegians.

This unique concoction is a marriage of Indian boldness, Kenyan brightness, Brazilian depth, and Guatemalan finesse. The result? A well-balanced coffee that boasts a fine aroma and an exquisite depth, with just a hint of fruitiness dancing around pleasing dark chocolate and wine undertones. It's like a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited!

Glasgow Roast Coffee latte

But here's the scoop – the Glasgow Roast isn't just any coffee; it's our exclusive Coffee of the Week , for the last week of 2023, and we've decided to spice things up even more for the festive season. Drumroll, please! To mark this joyous occasion, we're offering an unprecedented 30% off this very roast for a very limited time. Yes, you heard it right – 30% off your order when you choose the Glasgow Roast as your go-to brew this week.

Glasgow Roast Coffee retail bags

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to savour the Glasgow Roast at an exclusive discounted rate. Order now and treat yourself to a delightful adventure in every cup – because good coffee is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of life's flavourful moments. Cheers to the Glasgow Roast, the Coffee of the Week that's about to make your mornings a whole lot brighter!

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