Awaken your inner Grinch 🎄

'Tis the season to be jolly, or so they say. However, Christmas time can sometimes awaken the inner Grinch in all of us. You know the feeling – the hustle, the bustle, the endless shopping lists and the tangled Christmas lights that seem to have a mind of their own. Fear not, for there's a secret weapon to keep the holiday grumpiness at bay: Gordon Street Coffee, in particular our delightfully festive “A Grinch Before Coffee” Roast. Embrace the magic of the season with this rich and earthy roast, filled with dark chocolate and walnut notes, to fend off the Grinch and bring back the festive spirit!

Grinch coffee

In the words of the Grinch himself, "Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." While the Grinch may have needed a heart three sizes larger to truly appreciate the holiday, we believe a cup of Gordon Street Coffee might do the trick for the rest of us.

As the Grinch himself once said, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch." But fear not, dear readers, for our dark chocolate and walnut roast is here to rescue you from the clutches of holiday grumpiness. With every sip, you'll feel the warmth spreading, like a cozy blanket enveloping your soul, pushing the Grinchy vibes far, far away…even if just until your alarm rudely awakens you tomorrow.

This December, why not spread the warmth and joy of Christmas with a gift that's as delightful as the Whos down in Whoville trimming their trees? Picture this: a beautifully wrapped package containing the aromatic essence of Gordon Street freshly in-store roasted coffee beans. It's not just a gift; it's a cup of cheer waiting to be brewed. After all, as the Grinch discovered, the best gifts often come in unexpected packages, and a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans might just be the key to unlocking someone's heart – coffee mug in hand, of course!

Grinch before Coffee

This festive season let's banish (or embrace) our inner Grinch and raise a cup of our delectable “A Grinch Before Christmas” Roast. Cheers to brewing holiday cheer in the comfort of our own kitchens and turning those frowns upside down!

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