Celebrate Christmas with Our Miracle on Gordon Street Roast

Miracle on Gordon Street? The name itself holds a touch of magic, reminiscent of the enchanting atmosphere that surrounds Christmas. Gordon Street, Glasgow is a bustling hub that not only houses our Gordon Street Coffee but also the iconic Glasgow Central Station. A landmark that locals and tourists alike associate with the joy of Christmas shopping - and perhaps heading home to their loved ones for a few days of festivities or maybe you've been on their Central Station Tour? This roast is more than just coffee; it's an experience, a ritual that brings people together and creates cherished moments.

We all know that Glasgow Loves Christmas so while you indulge in the festivities, we invite you to embrace the holiday spirit with our exclusive Miracle on Gordon Street roast. A celebration of the miracle of coffee; this extraordinary blend promises to tantalise your taste buds and infuse the holiday season with warmth, love, and joy.

Our Miracle on Gordon Street roast is a unique blend that captures the essence of the season. Naturally sweet, it boasts a symphony of sweet flavours that have been selected to really tap into the magic of the season. The rich and luxury taste of chocolate, accompanied by subtle nut undertones create a celebration in every sip.

To enhance your Miracle on Gordon Street experience, consider pairing it with your favourite holiday treats. The delectable flavour profile beautifully complements a variety of desserts, from rich Yule logs to buttery Christmas cookies.

Or perhaps you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life? Look no further. Our Miracle on Gordon Street roast is not just a beverage; it's a gift wrapped in warmth and love. Share the magic of the season by gifting a bag of this extraordinary blend and go straight to the top of the Nice list!

Gift or not, this Christmas indulge in the magic of coffee with every sip of this exceptional holiday brew and may all your mornings be merry and bright!


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