Complete Guide to our Solinatra Compostable Coffee Capsules

We are excited to launch our new compostable coffee capsules, letting you enjoy your favourite Gordon St blend at home with no compromise on flavour, convenience or the environment.

Our Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules are fully truly biodegradable and compostable. They may look and feel like plastic, but they are made of Solinatra® - a truly sustainable alternative to plastic, made only with natural, plant- based ingredients.

It’s long been known that coffee grounds are great for compost and for use around the garden, and now your coffee capsules are too! Coffee grounds are a nitrogen rich material that helps break down fruit and veg scraps and acts as a slow- release fertiliser for your plants. Our coffee capsules are completely plant based and break down in your compost bin in the same time frame as a banana skin, leaving behind only biomass. They contain only natural ingredients and break down without leaving behind any toxic residues or harmful microplastics.

You may have heard about compostable capsules before, but there is a big difference between our capsules and others. Most products that claim compostability refer to industrial composting and often contain fossil fuel derived plastics, which do not actually degrade but only break down into smaller parts – known as microplastics. Our coffee capsules are truly home compostable and leave nothing behind. Many other brands claim their capsules are compostable, but most are only industrially compostable and contain fossil fuel derived plastic. Ours are truly home compostable and leave nothing nasty behind. What’s more, the material is made using an innovative process that makes use of agricultural waste.

Made with a blend of plant waste and plant- based additives, Solinatra uses the by-products of harvested crops to create a material that looks and feels like plastic, without any of the negatives of traditional, fossil fuel based plastics. Made in the UK from UK crops, this biomaterial has an environmental footprint the fraction of traditional materials.


How to dispose of your used capsules

If you have a compost bin at home, your used coffee capsules can go straight into the bin and will provide nutrients to your garden. There’s no need to separate the pod or the lid, the whole capsule can go straight into your compost heap.

If you have a food waste collection, the coffee capsule can go in with your food waste and will be industrially composted by your local council.

If you have neither a food waste bin nor a compost heap, your coffee capsule can go in with general waste.

However you dispose of your used capsules, they will degrade quickly with zero contamination.

Due to the rate at which the material breaks down, we recommend removing any used pod from your machine straight after use.

To find out more about Solinatra, please visit or email


SOLINATRA® is a registered trademark owned by Coda Group.

Nespresso® is a registered trademark owned by Société Des Produits Nestlé S.A. Gordon St is not connected or associated in any way with Nestlé or Nespresso S.A

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