Cop26 is coming to Glasgow

It's a exciting time for Glasgow and great that the city is hosting  Cop26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference that will be running from 31st October - 12th November. 

The city is expecting to host over 30,000 delegates as well as over 100 World leaders so we're expecting to be making a few more coffees over the two weeks.

If you visit Get Ready Glasgow there is a load of information for you including details about the conference, Glasgow's focus and here's a link to Cop 26 Explained

Travelling around Glasgow

We understand there will be a fair bit of travel disruption in the city however you can visit  Traveline Scotland or go to  for up to date information. You'll all know by now though, that even if you're not visiting the city you can just order your coffee online at 

Gordon St Coffee & sustainability

The team at GSC has a strong focus on sustainability and we are doing everything we can to be more eco-friendly.

  • Take away cups and lids are Vegware and fully compostable.
  • GSC Nespresso compatible coffee pods are will compost at the same rate of a banana peel and are made from Solinatra, a plant-based material. Check out our blog for more information
  • As a local coffee roastery, GSC also use local suppliers as much as possible
  • Pod packaging is fully recyclable.
  • Take away bags are paper, and fully recyclable.
  • Straws are made from plant starch.
  • All cardboard boxes used by GSC are made from recycled materials and can be recycled.
  • If packing peanuts are required, then these are biodegrade/dissolve in water.
  • Reduce printed material, but when it’s required always use recyclable paper
  • GSC Diedrich roaster is one of the most eco-friendly drum roasters on the market. It uses 50% less gas than any other roaster capable of a similar hourly capacity.
  • Use low energy lightbulbs, we turn off lights everywhere when not in use, and have turned off extra equipment during slower business periods.
  • In terms of waste, GSC are really strict about splitting out food waste including coffee grounds, dry recycling, and try to keep general waste to an absolute minimum.
  • Maintaining equipment; all equipment is maintained to the best of our ability, and where possible will be repaired rather than replaced.

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