Edinburgh Coffee Festival

Calling all coffee lovers!

The Edinburgh Coffee Festival returns to the capital on the 5th of October, at the historic Corn Exchange. Its friendly, inclusive and innovative concept encourages people from all different levels of brewing to enjoy and discover the very best Scotland has to offer.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert to coffee, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at The Edinburgh Coffee Festival.With over 40 stalls, the event is set to offer a wide range of different attractions- including roasters, equipment, coffee brands and a programme of demonstrations/speakers covering a wide range of topics. Along with the vast range of stalls there will also be interactive workshops, live music and additional attractions for everyone to enjoy.

A major goal for the organisers of The Edinburgh Coffee Festival is making the event to be one of the most sustainable coffee festivals in the United Kingdom. This is all about respecting the environment and creating a “zero-waste” zone. Thanks to Vegware, a primary sponsor of the festival, the amount of waste created will be greatly reduced and what is produced will be much more environmentally friendly.

So why not join the 3,000 people set to enjoy The Edinburgh Coffee Festival and experience some of the best brews that Scotland has to offer. We will be there, all ready to brew you something special and something a little bit different.


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