Fueling the Freshers

We are now at that time of year where Glasgow and Edinburgh are welcoming an influx of new freshers to the cities as they arrive for their first term at University. Studying, staying up late and of course, socialising – it’s all hard work! However Gordon St Coffee is happy to support your studies by fueling you the best way we know how – a good brew.


The promise of a good cup of coffee in the morning is, in our humble opinion, the best motivation to jump out of bed and get ready to hit the books. For freshers sticking to a budget, it’s great to know you can brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee from home for less than you might think. We feel a V60 is a perfect match for students – this method not only affordable but produces a delicate and delicious cup without requiring connoisseur-ship to assemble.


So, here’s a lesson on how to fix up a great brew – Study, practice and you’ll be qualified in no time!

  1. First things first – gather your bits and pieces; kettle, filter cone, a paper filter, your favorite mug, some sort of scoop and some paper ground coffee
  2. Time to pop the kettle on. If you’re lucky enough to have a swan neck kettle at home, great – but any kettle will do. Boil your kettle with as many cupfuls of water as you need – you can use your own cup to measure.
  3. Whilst your kettle comes to a boil you can measure out your coffee. If you have scales you can get precise but with your V60 you will have a nifty s
  4. coop with it too. You can start with around 16g of coffee per 250ml of water, adding or reducing the amount of coffee to your taste.
  5. With your prepped coffee put aside for a moment, place your paper filter in to your cone and pour a little bit of hot water on the paper to saturate this. This avoids having a papery flavour linger in your drink. Allow a wee minute or so between taking your kettle off the boil and and brewing.
  6. Pop your ground coffee into the filter cone and pour over just enough water to cover the grounds and let it work it’s magic for about thirty secs. Add the remaining water bit by bit, making an effort to keep the water level in the filter the same until the end so that your coffee brews evenly. Pour in a circular motion, without touching the paper filter directly.
  7. Once the water has drained through you can discard the paper filter and coffee grounds. Finally, time to enjoy your brew. You’ve passed!

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