Keep Cup Revolution!!

Now that the world is calming down again (A little bit? We hope?!) we wanted to bring up the dreaded single use take away coffee cup discussion again!
We use Vegware compostable take away cups, but even these aren't 100% the solution as there are so few commercial composting sites in Scotland, meaning they can and still do end up in landfill!
To encourage the use of reusable cups/ travel mugs/ keep cups again (we had to stop taking these in over covid 😭) we wanted to remind all of our lovely followers and customers that if you bring us your keep cup/mug/reusable cup for your coffee in store, we will give you a discount!
25p off for any reusable cup or a massive 50p off if it's one of our GSC branded keep cups (just because we like to really treat our fabulous regulars ❤).
We also offer a free coffee/ hot drink when you purchase one of our Keep cups in store too!

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