We're off to Glasgow Coffee Festival!

Glasgow Coffee Festival is just 4 days away and we are absolutely buzzing to be involved again this year! Do you have your ticket yet??
The coffee festival is taking place at The Briggait on the 7th and 8th May.
We will be serving up great coffees and showing off our awesome cold brew tower (which has travelled all the way from our Edinburgh roastery and is still in one piece!)
we'll also be selling exclusive bags of freshly roasted beans as well!
This year the coffee festival isn't just at the Briggait however, we are getting involved with the GCF "To the streets tickets" as well!
This ticket will get you 20% off of hot drinks in store, as well as a free wee coffee with any bag of beans you buy! It's not just us either, 50 of your favourite speciality coffee shops from all around Glasgow are getting involved for a total of 14 days!
Tickets can be bought here, but be quick because they are selling out fast!
We can't wait to see you all there! <3


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